This web-site is created with love to Hank Marvins music, style, sound and not least the man Hank Marvin.

On this site You won't find bad homemade midifiles or links to illegal downloading. Remember the old saying “Hometapeing is killing music”. I don´t have any MP3-files and up till now I haven´t stolen anything from other websites ;o)

This is not a fanclub, but hopefully at site where other fans of Hank Marvin and The Shadows could contribute with their experience about the music of Hank Marvin. Or have You been so lucky that You have met The Man personally!!??

To come with a welcoming contribution You don´t have to be a professional musician or own a Stratocaster. You could be one of the fans who - as myself - have been following Hank since the late fifties.

I have been “following” Hank (sometimes chasing him) since the days of Apache. In Denmark You could choose between Hank & The Shadows or The Danish guitarist Jørgen Ingmann. I choosed them both. But Hank & The Shadows were the everlasting winners.

My many great experiences with Hank and the music You will find elsewhere on this site.

Most of the fotos on this site have been taken with my own cameras during the years. Some fotos have been taken by, Axel Schutt, Århus Stiftstidende, Richard Cowling, Shadows Guitar Club East Yorkshire and Laif Møller Lauridsen, Guitarist Vejle who all have given me permission to place them on my site.

I have placed some old Shadows fotos on my site. They are of course not taken by me. If the real owner of the fotos think that this is a bad idea - please contact me - and I will remove them immediately.


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